Biography - Biographie

Alex Garcia
Culture Shock Ottawa

Alex is currently one of Culture Shock Ottawa’s main choreographers, instructors, and was previously their Artistic Director from January 2014 to 2016. By day, he works as a senior advisor for the Government of Canada, and by night he’s a dancing machine!

Alex first got into urban dance as a bboy back in high school, where he and his friends formed a small crew (The Systematics) and performed at local shows in his hometown of Orleans. But the crew stopped dancing after high school and although he was known to “bust a move” at the club from time to time, Alex wouldn’t get back into dance seriously for another 10 years!

In May 2012, a friend invited him to a Culture Shock Ottawa drop-in class. Alex will always remember this day (May 11th!) as the day he became obsessed with urban choreography. From that day forward, Alex has made it a goal to constantly improve in his movement, his pickup speed, his creativity, and expand on his knowledge of urban dance’s history and foundations. His most favourite part in all of dance is teaching and sharing what he has learned with others, and he is grateful for the constant support he has received from his family, friends, and most importantly his dance peers from Culture Shock, Pulse’N’Limited, The Flava Factory, Rhythm2Dance, Studio360Dance, and Capital House Sessions.

Alex is a firm believer that you can never stop learning and improving. Though his style has been described as wavey and swervy, he’s also been known to incorporate popping, hip hop grooves and fast footwork in his choreos. He derives much of his inspiration from dancers such as Tony Tzar, Bam Martin, Chris Martin, Keone Madrid, Carlo Darang, Ami and Akanen (Japan), Lyle Beniga, Vinh Nguyen, Anthony Lee, Ysabelle Capitule, Josh Williams, and many others.