Biography - Biographie

Ke$ha, Rihanna, "Sur Le Rythme"

Giulia Tripoli is a dancer and choreographer known internationally for her talent, inspirational routines, and incredible passion. Her ability as both a dancer and teacher has brought her all over the world and has allowed her to leave her mark on the dance community.

Giulia has been invited to create pieces and lead workshops in cities such as Beijing, Macau, Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and Israel.

As a premier professional dancer in Canada, she has had the opportunity to perform with and open for chart topping artists such as Ke$ha, Mishon, Rihanna, and TRiSH, as well as appearing in music videos for Jully Black and Skye Sweetnam. Giulia appeared in the feature film ‘Sur Le Rythme’ and has returned from performing throughout China in various concerts, and awards shows.

Through hard work and dedication, Giulia has been able to fulfill her dream of seeing the world and influencing dancers in many different cultures with her unique style and valuable message to dance for the love of it. All the knoweldge she has obtained and the wonderful experiences she has gained has led her to create a new home for dancers in Montreal by the name of Tripoli Studios. Because whatever age you are, whatever level you are, whatever style you are, you should have a place you can go to dance. A world where there are no outsiders, only people who haven`t come into it yet.