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Culture Shock Canada, Culture Shock Ottawa

From being a captivating presence in the center of any freestyle cypher, to coaching dance troupe artistic directors in their leadership roles, Jordan is a well-known, energetic, and long-time contributor in the urban dance community.

Starting off as a freestyle Michael Jackson enthusiast, Jordan’s passion for music and dance has grown through the guidance of Culture Shock and its many pioneering leaders across the world. Joining as a dancer for Culture Shock Ottawa in 2005, he has since been Artistic Director for the troupe, directed many successful youth programs, including Future Shock Ottawa, and currently sits as a member of the Board of Directors for Culture Shock Canada. Focusing on the development of the organisation through the development of its members and leaders, he leads Culture Shock Canada’s overall strategy, vision, and mission as a community enrichment, education, entertainment, and youth driven organization.

Jordan’s passion for organizational and leadership development has not only grown through Culture Shock, but also through his involvement with Engineers Without Borders – a non-profit organization focused on creating systemic change through permanent institutions in the developing world. He spent a year on the Engineers Without Borders Water & Sanitation team in Malawi, Africa, working as an organizational effectiveness consultant for local government, developing solutions to address the root causes of poor drinking water services in rural communities, hand-in-hand with local and national leaders.

Whether in the dance studio or in the board room, Jordan hopes to inspire and add value to all those around him through his passion, positivity, and big picture visionary mindset.